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Partial Description of Deals

Partial Description of Deals Done


Arrangements between: Windham Hill Records/A&M Records; Windham Hill Records/BMG Music; Concord Records/Alliance Entertainment; Kaleidoscope Records/Rhino Records; Gang of Seven (spoken word)/American Audio Literature; Music For Little People/Warner Music Group joint venture; SF Weekly/New Times, Inc.; a Sub Pop Records’ principal/Warner Music Group; Sugo Records/Tambourine; Rounder Records Kidz Distribution/Allegro Distribution; Neonatal Network/Springer; Cruzio Media/Gatespeed; and Kanematsu/Xringer/Wireless Developer Agency.

Distribution, Licensing, and Development Agreements.

Hundreds of distribution and licensing agreements and internet and software-based development agreements for creating and marketing of intellectual property content, including distribution and digital content sales agreements, digital music services provider agreements, and video game development agreements for mobile and console platforms, for content owners and for content licensees, including with Apple iTunes, RealNetworks/Rhapsody, MediaNet, MSN, Yahoo!/Musicmatch; Sony Connect; Music Now; IODA; Digital Rights Agency, The Orchard/Dimensional Associates, Xringer, Hudson Entertainment, Starbucks/Hear Music, Gaia Online, NCSoft/ArenaNet Inc., Bethesda Softworks/Zenimax Media Inc., Verizon, AT&T, Random House, Harper’s, and Chronical Books.

Recording Agreements:

  • Hundreds of Recording Agreements as counsel for Windham Hill Records, Rounder Records, Concord Jazz, Ubiquity Recordings, and numerous independent record labels, including for clients referenced above, hundreds of recording agreements over the years.
  • Agreements for artist clients with such record companies as: Warner Bros. Records; Atlantic Records; PolyGram; A&M Records; Universal; Sony BMG Music Entertainment; Virgin Records; V2 Records; Naxos; and numerous independent record labels.

Music Publishing Agreements:

  • Hundreds of Music Publishing Agreements for Imaginary Road/Makai Music (formerly Windham Hill Music), and for other independent music publishing agreements.
  • Agreements for songwriters with such music publishing companies as: Chrysalis Music; Bug Music; Warner Bros. Music; BMG Music; Sony/ATV Music; EMI Music; and Kobalt Music. 
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